“Momo no Shizuku”(Drewdrops of Peach)
There is an old temple near Matsumoto Brewery called Saiganji.
In the Edo era, Basho Matsuo, the famous haiku (Japanese poet) writer wrote a phrase, “On my silk rob put a drop of the peaches of Fushimi”. In those days, Fushimi (the location where Matsumoto Brewery resides), was famous for their peaches.
Basho referred the peach to his friendly dying holy priest,
expressed that he wants to receive the shower of the holy man’s virtue on his own robe – even one drop. This beautiful passage shows Basho’s respect and warm mind.
We share Basho’s sentiment and named our product (“Momo(Peach) no Shizuku(Drewdrop)” whose taste and flavor
we had nurtured with attentive care, after this haiku.
“Momo no Shizuku”, is characterized by its rich and graceful taste created by the high quality rice and its delicate fruity aroma created by the rich flavor of the koji (roce malt) and kobo (yeast).

“Momo no shizuku Shiboritate”
Every December to March, at a limited period
of time, we distribute pure fresh sake called
“Momo no Shizuku Junmaiginjyo”.
The pleasure over the freshly brewed winter
limited sake doubles the delicious taste
with the sense of the season. The freshness
before the heating process, the sharp and
refreshing taste is the exact performance
that the pure freshly brewed
“Momo no Shizuku”can offer. Please enjoy
“Momo no Shizuku”with the famous haiku by Basho.